A Strong Commitment
to Your Health

We offer a wide range of services from home health care. If you know someone who could use our services, you can recommend them to us. Thank you for your trust in Tower of Mercy Healthcare Services, Inc.

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Home Health Aide

Home health aide is also known as supportive care; it is a type of care provided in the solace of the client’s home. The personal health attendants of Tower of Mercy Healthcare Services, Inc. are rigorously trained in supportive care such as assisting the client in errands, doctor’s appointments, medication pick-up and housekeeping.

They are basically a companion for the elderly, people with disabilities and even to new parents who need assistance with their infant and daily living. Home health aide is flexible and can be customized depending on the condition or needs and requests of the client. Home health aide can be arranged to be around the clock or for a few hours only.

If you would like a home health aide or companion, Set an Appointment. Please contact us to send us your questions or inquiries, you can also call (713) 370-1370.