Sids Place
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Contact Information

9515 Winding Way Ln
Jonesboro, GA 30238
Phone: 404-494-0611
Fax:     404-393-9087

About Us

Sid’s Place is staffed with caregivers, doctors and nurses who are well-equipped to handle the job of taking care of your developmentally disabled loved ones. We believe that each resident will require a different level of attention and care – this is why we customized care services at Sid’s Place through community living arrangements.

Consequently, we have made sure that all of our staff and personnel can keep up with their changing care requirements as we integrate them into becoming a functioning part of their communities. Our programs will assist such individuals to develop higher cognition, maximize their motor skills and take part in a life that is meaningful despite their health situations.

At Sid’s Place, we care and we understand. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. With us, we give that helping hand always, everyday and in every way we can.

Our Mission

To help individuals with developmental disabilities to learn motor, emotional and social skills that will enable them to become a part of their own communities.