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Sid's Place

Sid's Place recognizes the special needs of individuals in the community. In any way that we can, we will provide for it. In every way possible, we will be a family who cares.
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Community Living Arrangement

Care Services that include 24/7 supervision for people living in a home type environment.

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Our Mission

To enable our residents the privilege of enjoying a quality life during through community living arrangements.

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We invite you to visit our facility to make an informed decision of admitting your loved one into our home.

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Contact Information

9515 Winding Way Ln
Jonesboro, GA 30238
Phone: 404-494-0611
Fax:     404-393-9087

Welcome to Sid's Place

Home – it’s a place where we belong. However, for members of our family who have special needs, our home may no longer be the place that they can effectively live in. This may be due to their mobility situation, illness or developmental disability. They need a place that is better suited to their needs. The place can be a home too but it must provide them with a lifestyle that is sensitive to challenges associated with their health conditions. This place is in Atlanta, Georgia. We welcome you to a different but equally loving HOME. Welcome to Sid’s Place.

Sid’s Place is a residential care home for individuals with developmental disabilities. For many years, we’ve contributed to the community by being a home for those who need specialized care. We’ve been with them through struggles and triumphs. In their loneliest days, we give them companionship. When they have a hard time coping with their health conditions, we give them support. Above all, we give them time to fully realize their role in the community under the care of capable personal care attendants and nursing aides.

It can be difficult to have a developmentally disabled loved one in your home. But staying at Sid’s Place will change all that. The facilities, amenities and the staff at our care home will change the way you look at life. There is something to look forward to. You will find a new respect for daily living when you become part of our family at Sid’s Place. Please call 404-494-0611 for inquiries on admission requirements and eligibility.