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Our Programs

We understand that every child has unique needs and attitudes. We, at Children’s Academy of Success respect every child’s differences. We have the dedication and the patience in teaching them with things that will help them to become a better and ideal person in the future.

These are the learning programs that your child can benefit from Children’s Academy of Success:

  • Preschool
  • Morning and after care
  • Summer school
  • Kindergarten to 3rd grade

We utilize CreativeMath4Kids program advancing them to a very high degree in math which was considered not a possibility for a child of 4 years to attain. Children by 5 year of age learned to add and subtract double digit numbers as well as number combinations to 20. Most children in our facility are able to add 2 columns and 3 rows of single digit numbers with ease- all these mentally. This is made possible due to the application of the CreativeMath4Kids program and the introduction of it at a very early stage of their developments. This program is instrumental in building a firm foundation as well as building a keen desire and a love for mathematics. Many times, children have refused to go out for play, instead to remain indoors to be engrossed in math. Every child in our facility loves math with a passion.

Children who were engaged in the CreativeMath4Kids program for nearly 2 years were able to advance and master addition and subtraction of fractions and multiplications by 12 before entry into first grade.

This CreativeMath4Kids program is not presently available in any other preschool but only at Children’s Academy of Success.

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