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imageThis unique mathematic instruction system is designed taking a child’s perception of visual objects and figures. In mathematics we have to grasp the child’s perception of numbers first and then guide the child to adult’s applications. The child is trying to find the logic and not blindly follow the adult’s directions specially, during the critical age of development. We have to understand the child first and not expect the child to understand us.

Presently; we get the child to go clockwise direction and then go anti-clockwise direction. This creates a mass confuses in the child’s mind. In my system; I have sorted them out for the child to recognize record, retain and recall with each step easily.

Mathematics is an abstract and not a concrete subject, as such, sooner we get the child into abstract thinking, it is better for the child and the world. This system has been tried out in the classroom for over twenty five years with tremendous success. To facilitate speedily the values of numbers and their place and positions; a specially designed apparatus was invented for the child to step into the world of mathematics. This apparatus gets the child to abstract thinking, number line, value increase directions and number values within 3-4 months.

It is possible for a child to complete the first four steps in mathematics, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division before six years of age advancing to beyond first grade level. Some children have achieved further to addition and subtraction of fractions before six years of age. Children are very capable when we set goals and challenges and not consider them as incapable babies. Children are completely depended upon the educator/parent to provide the tools and the guidance. No tools, no guidance; results-blank minds.

The success of my system depends upon your methodical and systematic application, consistency and encouragement provided each step of the way. Our package provides the tools for your child to reach goals far above the national to enter into international standards.

  • Results are immediate; laying a solid foundation for the future of your child.
  • Your child can do what the other children have achieved or even do better.
  • Proven past results is the stepping stone for your child’s future.