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Our hearts beat everyday with the compassion to give you and your family the best home health service there is.

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About Us

1 Caring Provider encourages our patients to learn self-care skills and live independently right at the comfort of their homes. With the support of our individualized plans of care, our company provides a wide range of services that meet each client’s specific needs. Flexible Schedules are available so at anytime they find convenient, our patients can avail of various visits/sessions. We offer stay-in or live-out home care services. There are also full-time and part-time home health care schedules available. The key is to make it convenient for our clients to acquire professional care after hospitalization or when their physicians have recommended home health care during retirement or recovery.

Throughout the years, we have been strengthening our programs and health care services continuously to accomplish our primary goals which are:

  • To help our patients become independent individuals
  • To give assistance in doing simple day-to-day activities
  • To keep them company as they undergo recovery in a conducive, familiar and comfortable place like their own home
  • To be a highly respected and recommended home health services provider
  • To give our clients the compassionate care that they need at home
  • To be part of the community and to contribute to it through

In the recent past, traditional ways of receiving health services have become more and more inconvenient for patients. It can cause much hassle and constant worry for the patient and family especially when paying bills and getting charged with expensive medical fees. This can be avoided when you partner with 1 Caring Provider today. We have the heart. We have the staff. We have your health in our hands. Please consider us as your provider of health services at home. To send a request, please contact us.


We also assist with medical supplies and equipment, mobile lab, radiological and EKG services.


Trust Us

We have one goal at 1 Caring Provider - and it is to ensure that our clients get the quality care they deserve from our staff. Read More


18208 Preston Road Suite D9 #321
Dallas, TX 75252
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